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A tall, blue-green, strangely attractive lizardman. Like Jeff Goldblum, but if Jeff Goldblum were the bipedal lovechild of a chameleon and a poison dart frog. Brightly-colored and likely expensive garments, which after many years of wear have begun to look, shall we say, a bit shabby.

Side Quests[]

Stuff You Know[]

People Who've Heard of You[]

The Ones Who Love You[]

The Ones Who Like You[]

The Ones Who Don't Care[]

The Ones You've Ticked Off[]

The Ones Who Hate Your Guts[]

Baubles and Gems[]

  • Wand of Entangle
  • Potion of Cure Wounds
  • Potion of Cure Wounds
  • Potion of Spider Climb
  • Crystal conduit rod
  • Crappy crystal pendant
  • Gold cord Satin coat: yellow, once gold
  • Blue plumed cap
  • 2 tiny sapphires
  • 1 dose Beholder’s Eye (hallucination, introspection)
  • 3 hits Faerie Wings (so happy, you could fly)
  • Heavy crossbow