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A tall, blue-green, strangely attractive lizardman. Like Jeff Goldblum, but if Jeff Goldblum were the bipedal lovechild of a chameleon and a poison dart frog. Brightly-colored and likely expensive garments, which after many years of wear have begun to look, shall we say, a bit shabby.

Side Quests

Stuff You Know

People Who've Heard of You

The Ones Who Love You

The Ones Who Like You

The Ones Who Hate Your Guts

Baubles and Gems

  • Wand of Entangle
  • Potion of Cure Wounds
  • Potion of Cure Wounds
  • Potion of Spider Climb
  • Crystal conduit rod
  • Crappy crystal pendant
  • Gold cord Satin coat: yellow, once gold
  • Blue plumed cap
  • 2 tiny sapphires
  • 1 dose Beholder’s Eye (hallucination, introspection)
  • 3 hits Faerie Wings (so happy, you could fly)
  • Heavy crossbow
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