Malzekeen Dwarf, male.

Appearance:  Broad red mustache, short beard, and bright golden eyes.  Dressed in earthen browns and teals, bearing a short staff of some sort of metal.  He wears a bandoleer heavy with bottles and pouches, and has a small black bat (Abdeen) perched on one shoulder.

History:  Kamran served within the Malzekeen as a Rhodasin (court mage), but is now a scholar for the Reclaimers. He was escorted by the party on a Deep Run to the Village of Napal, traveling with them as they infiltrated an ancient temple. He was looking for a gate, and found it within the ruins. When the party left him to his own devices, something happened, and somehow opened a portal that summoned foul beasts from another realm. He assisted the party in closing the gate, and so they let him go without further interrogation.

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