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Goliath, female.

Appearance: White skin, dark stained tattoos, braids, stern features, white eyes.

Bio: The Sun Chaser's old captain was a Dwarf, Hashem something.  He had a Run go sour two years ago and lost more than half his crew to the Abyss. Rumor is Keothi killed him for it, threw him screaming over the edge of the ship, and declared herself captain.  Sounds like she crewed up and has been playing pirate with the Sun Chaser ever since, not risking the Mysts herself. Keothi drew most of her crew from a thieves guild in the Roosts.  Not some Tribald Alliance guild either, the opposition. They call themselves the Gurvaljin Ir, or just the Gurvaljin for short.  It’s a Lothari word, “threepenny blades” but everyone just calls them the Gurvaljin though.