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Overlooking the Captain's Quarter and separated by a tall fence, Merchants Row is the seat of power of the Tribald Alliance, where the wealthy and talented are invited to sell their wares. The crafts folk who ply their trades there are true artisans, or else politically connected enough to the various merchant houses to buy their way in. While the Aleph technically still has jurisdiction over the Row, the Tribald Alliance maintain their own private guards, and generally keep the Blackcloaks out of their affairs. The district features more stone buildings than any other within Spirithil, masons and stonewrights mimicking pre-Cataclysm architecture as best they can in a blatant display of wealth.

Inns and Taverns[]

Twin Steeds Inn

A large stone hall, its entryway flanked by two beautiful stone carvings of a pair of horses rearing.  The Twin Steeds exudes wealth.  It should, as it is one of the more upscale inns in all of Spirithil.  It's owner has a reputation for a love of poetry, and even hosts speakings regularly.  Inside is clean and dry, a rarity for Spirithil, though the hearth being the only source of light means it is quite dark.


The Dragon's Last Gasp (Glassblowing, pottery)

Nestled inside the gate at the topmost entrance to the Merchant's Row, the Dragon's Last Gasp resembles a proper storefront from before the Reckoning.  It has an actual door, and windows if fine glass that display to contents within. An Arran by the name of Ana Ruis owns and operates the place, and claims her family has been there for two generations.

The Scarlet Spider

Fine Tailors, the banner in front of the shop shows a red spider upside down, holding scissors and other implements of the trade in its many limbs.  The store itself is a perfectly circular building made of wood, like an enormous wine barrel, with a slatted roof that can be opened up on clear days. A pair of brothers of Arran stock, Josa and Lucas Cunha, tend the store.


Warmaster's is a plain building for the Merchant District, a single story of wooden planks surrounding a large brick chimney belching black smoke.  The front door is overly large, big enough for a Bugbear to pass through without even needing to duck their head. The titular Warmaster is one of the Warforged, a strange creature of metal and living wood that you have only heard rumors of before.