Deeprunners Wiki

While the nations that bore their names are gone, many recall the world as it once was before the Reckoning. Bloodlines have grown increasingly mixed, but these are the wellspring from which they came.

  • Alkarenil - The Elves from the Northland mountain city-state of Elithium
  • Togarai - Red skinned Gnomes from the Northlands, master alchemists and arcanists.
  • Probashi - Pale skinned dwarves hailing from the Midlands.
  • Melzakeen - Once famed for their enormous open air markets, these dwarves have brown skin, red hair, and golden eyes.
  • Creet - Bronze skinned Halfling merchants, whose Sand Skimmers once roamed the deserts East of Dunpoli
  • Arran - Olive skinned Humans and Dragonborn, gender neutral pronouns, who once served the Dragon Queen Amanderath Guimaraēs.
  • Umari - Fair skinned Humans and Genasi from the frozen Southlands.
  • Lothari - Merchants, scoundrels, and academics, the dark skinned Lothari humans were the center of civilization.
  • Goblinoids - The goblin races are as welcome as any other Topsiders.