Deeprunners Wiki

Orc, male

Appearance:  His skin is rough and gray, revealing a square and unpleasant face.  You notice the nails on his hands are extremely long, thick enough to almost be claws.  His hair is long and black, kept in two braids which run down his back.  One of his tusks is broken, and the other looks like something intricate has been carved into it.  He's dressed in dark grey scale mail with brown leather fringe, with the hilts of two long knives rising from sheathes at his shoulders. Looking closer, you see the hilts are also made on bone, and like with his tusk, have been carved with intricate designs and runes.

History: Renke assumed leadership of the Gurvaljin Ir four years ago. He got the thieves' guild out of slaving, but is rumored to be pretty brutal with his competition. He owns and operates The Bottle and Blade, which he uses as a front for his guild's more nefarious work