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In terms of sheer size, Spirithil dwarfs Rhotudan, with a single district of the Great Roost rivaling the Endless Market in size.  That does little to take away from its impressiveness, however.  Except for those times when you've been Running the Deep, you've never seen this much stone in one place.  A massive stone palisade rests on top, with what look to be a number of enormous wooden galleys and schooners cascading down the sides. These ships are far larger than any you have seen before, segmented and devided into dozens of different buildings and structures.  Even more eye catching is the fact that the whole mass of it almost reminds you of an incredible Sky Ship.  As vertical as it is horizontal, countless sails catch the morning wind, rigged from ramshackle buildings, masts, and balconies.  Atop the Endless Market is a massive crow's nest, a building all to itself, bearing a bright red flag.

Points of Interest[]

The Scathis Den (Drug Den)