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Symbols:  None.

Nicknames:  The Blackcoats.

Typical Background:  Umari.

Public Goals:  Do you have any idea how complicated it is to hold this city together?  I’m not just talking about stopping it from burning to a cinder either, though that by itself is its own ceaseless task.  Constant warring factions, criminal gangs, additions, repairs, and new developments. We are this close to snapping apart at any moment.  The Blackcoats are all that stops that from happening, every, single day. We tend the trees, sure, we ensure that there are more than enough Wyrd Shards to keep the whole damn thing aloft.  But more importantly, we stop you nutters from ripping things apart with your petty squabbles. That’s why there will always be Blackcoats, so learn to deal with it.

Rumors:  Rumor is that the Blackcoats eject repeat troublemakers from the city.

Composition:  Primarily Genasi, some humans.

Personality Archetypes:  Stern watchguard, investigator, busy beaurocrat, druidic gardener.

Deep Runs:  Earth, rocks, crops, and wood.

Leadership:  Sherrideen

Members: Sherrideen, Panya Gamal, Adeben Con’Trallah, Acenath Abdi

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