The Captain's Quarter

Description[edit | edit source]

Right up along the Edge, the Captain's Quarter is where the more reputable Deeprunner Crews come to rest their weary bones between runs. It is a rough and tumble place, just barely kept under control by the Blackcoats, the perfect environment for an enterprising crew to sell their haul and make their fortunes. Most of the Captain's Quarter is made of ships, piers, and docks. Many Topsiders live there, but many more only go there to work, tending to the Deeprunners and their Sky Ships who bring the Roost its bounty.

Inns[edit | edit source]

The Bottle and Blade

Owner:  Renke Drei’Pfennig

Description:  A large, one story wooden affair, one of the few proper buildings in the Captain's Quarter. The place even has a basement, and rumor is that it's got an entranceway to the UnderCity.

(G) The Styx Oarsman:

Owner: Ramin Shah

Description: The first floor is a squat and square building, a single door on the rightmost side leading inside. Next to that door, still on the outside, is a staircase leading up to the second floor, a mastless Cog with a thatched roof that holds the inn’s sleeping quarters.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

(M) The Watchtower

Owner: Adeben Con’Trallah

Description: The Aleph maintain a three story tower of warped wooden planks here, painted black with paint long chipped and faded by time.

Ramin Shah

Melzakeen Dwarf

Appearance:  Ramin is constantly adorned with expensive silk clothing, often dyed in bright violet and tan, and wears rings and necklaces with large, colorful gems. He carries with him a set of kukris on his belt, each one with a topaz on the hilt. He sports a long red beard, and similarly colored long hair. His amber eyes show great mirth, regardless of how far into his cups he is.  His voice is light and giddy for a dwarf, even one of the Malzakeen, though he slurs a little as if drunk even when sober.

Bio: Owner and opperator of the Styx Oarsman..

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