Deeprunners Wiki

Symbol:  A circlet with tiles for a number of gods on it.

Nicknames:  The Universalists, the Rabble Rousers, the Pickers and Choosers, the Desperate, the God Lovers.

National Background:  Probashi and Arran

Public Goals:  Ours is a holy quest, one passed down to us not just by one god, but by an entire pantheon.  The lines of race and nation that once divided us are no more, banished by the horrors of the Reckoning.  We unworthy few who have survived must seek to understand what folly caused such a cataclysm to rise up and imperil us all, and to do that, we will require all the wisdom and understanding that the world has yet to offer.  One cannot tie themselves down to a single god or goddess, it was hubris such as that which doomed us all. Only by accepting that we are all one great humanity may we ever hope to cure the ravages of the Myst Scarred and in doing so, find our redemption.

Rumors:  While they may preach universalism, the truth is that the Godbound are rife with warring cults and factions.  Their Inquisitors would be far more greatly feared if they weren’t constantly turning on one another. Trust no potent arcane magic with them, for they believe such things are the very heresy that caused the Reckoning.  

Composition:  Paladins, Blood Hunters, Clerics, Druids, Warlocks

Personality Archetypes:  Mage hunter, street prophet, rabble rousers, healer to the poor, charlatan oracle, paranoid inquisitor.  

Deep Runs:  Holy texts, cultist relics, arcane tomes, magic items, bones of saints, stone and masonry.

Leadership:  Despite constantly shifting churches and cults, the Godbound have a surprisingly centralized system of power.  The reach of the authority of this centralized power changes from day to day, depending on the mindset of each individual cult, and which particular fanatics happen to be around.  The current Thousandfold Voice of the Tempest is in service to the dead god Amoth, God of Justice and Mercy. Killed by the demon princes Orcus, Demogorgon, and Rimmon.

Members:  Narek - Erani's tutor.  Edjo - proselytizes doom.  Jullian -makes money.