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Located just below the Nets, the Grey Markets are a ramshackle collection of merchant stalls, lean tos, and other jury-rigged structures. The massive open air market is a gathering place for all of the Roost. Mushroom farmers from the Underside and the Rot Farms, fishers from the Captain's Quarter, and junk catchers from the Nets, all peddle and fence their wares within the Grey Markets. Those of particular skill make it to the Merchant's Quarter, catching the eye of agents of the Tribald Alliance. For the rest? It's the Grey Markets, and whatever space they can scavenge.

Places of Note[]

  • Addoo's Crows Nest (General Goods)

A general goods store owned by by a Creet Halfling named Addoo Ahswah, Addoo's Crows Nest is a squat, square, dumpy looking building with a gnarled tree bursting free from one corner of the roof.  A number of black pennants in a variety of tongues hang from the tree’s knotted branches, revealing that this is indeed Addoo’s Crows. Nest. The inside is a dense maze of barrels of various heights, each one serving as a table for a great varied mass of goods. Travel supplies, packs, weapons, everything a Deep Runner might need rests on the barrel tops, though none of it is of the highest quality.  Addoo typically stands on a barrel in the middle of the store, surveying his domain.

  • The Armored Heart (Smithy)

A White Dragonborn by the name of Aurea Criado runs this smithy, made of a massive tree stump has been hallowed out and charred, forming simple curved walls. At its center stands a suit of full plate mail on a dummy, treated with some strange alchemy to dye the metal heartsblood crimson. The floor is dirt, and coated with a thick layer of ash and soot, as is almost everything else within the hollow. Aurea sells some blades, axes, and hammers, but she is primarily an armorsmith. She works in plates and mails, scavenging the best metals she can for her work.

  • Bedrosian's Potioans (Alchemist)

The first thing you notice about the stall is that it’s on stilts, towering over its neighbors by a good few feet.  If it wasn’t, it would be half the size of the stalls around it, because it’s clearly a stall for gnomes. It looks like it goes pretty deep back into the stack of shops and buildings around it though. Getting there requires climbing up a ten foot rope ladder and standing on a platform about five feet wide and ten feet long. There isn’t enough room for you all up there, especially with the Hobgoblin in tow.  A bright red banner cheerily reads “Bedrosian’s Potians,” in a neat golden script. When you climb to the top, between the awning and the counter you have to stoop low to get a good look at the Togari Gnome, Garegin Bedrosian himself.

  • The Emperor's Collection (Clothier)

Muhdee Pohl Yaheh, a Halfling tailor and dressmaker of the Creet, lives at the bottom of Addo’s Nest.  The store smells heavily of soap and pine, and is surprisingly clean.  It is full of wooden manikins, posed in strange positions with props and fake jewelry.

  • Dagnyra's House of Wonders (Magic and Scrolls)

A brightly colored tent in yellow and crimson, the roof sun-stained and heavily patched.  Portions of it look burned, while on section near the door flap appears to have melted, the colors flowing down the canvas in a series of small bubbles.  Inside, the tent is filled with shelves.  This is strange, because most of the shelves are empty. In truth, you only see about a dozen items for sale in total.  Yet each rests upon a fine looking if varied cushion, framed with candles or fresh cut flowers to enhance the display. The proprietor, Dagnyra, is rumored to have quite the laugh.

A vast open space webbed by fishing lines and titular nets, with the world's most terrifying drop, the Nets are not for the faint of heart. Scavengers work their way through them, picking up the floatsam brought up by the Wyrdshards.

  • The Traveling Hellhound (Fence)

Everyone in the know, knows to ask for Sahiba Arslan when you need something under the table. Take the rickety staircase along the side of the Armored Heart, and within a mess of hanging roots, Sahiba has set up his shop.  There is no sign, no advertising. People who know where to go in the Grey Markets don’t need such things.

  • The Great Pirate Leather Market (Armorer and Tanner)

Zeek the Goblin runs a stall in the grey market that mostly deals in leathers.  The shop is merely a longboat suspended between two trees with ropes, thick strips of hide that look like they might have come from any number of creatures tanning in the sun.

An old trading cutter that has been converted into an inn.  The roof is nothing more complicated that a series of poles stuck into suitably sized holes in the ground, holding up a large canvas.   A single long table sits in front of the bar, with a number of hammocks mounted to the polls to the side serving as the place's only sleeping rooms as far as you can tell.  It's a dump, but that doesn't stop people from using it, as the main table is full to bursting with all manner of characters.