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While leaving the Bottle and Blade, the party bumped shoulders with a tall Lothari with green eyes and a wild expression on his face. Meeting their stare, he gave them a slight bow and told them only.

"The hunt is on."

Several days later, while aiding the herbalist Otlehi as a favor for the Gurvaljin'Ir, the party again spotted the strange man watching them.

He appeared again in Rhotudan, with Giuseppe weaving an enchantment and at last learning his name, Jochi Temuujin.

While meeting with her old mentor, Narek Terzian, Eirani learned that a man matching Jochi's description had been asking around about them in the Godbound District.

"I wouldn't have thought twice about it, except he had the upraised black hand of the Justicebringer tattooed on his shoulder.  One of those asking about you?  Ill fortune.   Know him?  Tall Lothari, dark and lean.  Strange smile too him, not quite right.  Green eyes always looking about like he was searching for something."