Deeprunners Wiki

The Facts[]

Symbols:  A snake biting its own tail

Nicknames: The Wyrds, the Ancients, the Old Timers.

National Background:  The Drow, Probashi, Alkarenil, and Lorathi.

Public Goals:  We are a broken civilization, the refugees of a dozen fractured nations clinging to floating hunks in the sky.  It isn’t even our own magic and ingenuity that has saved us, just the floating refuse, a side effect of the Reckoning.  You should have seen the crystal spires of Elithium, or the the Sunken Towers of the Probashi, wonders that no faction or power that exists now could ever hope to mimic, let alone match.

Rumors:  Everyone knows the Old Timers are looking for someone to blame.  They miss the old days, where race and nation divided us, that’s what led to the Great War in the first place. Their ways may be old, but they play with the Mysts, developing strange new magics.

Composition:  Sorcerers, Wizards, Bard, Artificers, Fighters, Druids.

Personality Archetypes:  Intrepid deep runner, scholar mage, lore collector, historian, dusty archivist, racist street thugs.

Deep Runs:  Wyrd Shards, Wyrd Beasts, warped magic, ancient lore.

Leadership:  Unknown

Known Parties[]