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Pressed up against the Captain's Quarter, Merchant's Row, and the Grey Markets, the Roost is the largest slum within Spirithil. So many of the floating city's residents call the Roost home that the city itself is often referred to by locals as "the Great Roost," or simply "the Roost." This creates some confusion for outsiders, who can easily get the district and the city itself confused. The Roost is a densely packed district of twisted roots, trees, and dwellings of all shapes and sizes. It is one of the thinner parts of the city, and as such has very little Undercity beneath.


The Open Hold

Owner: Creek

Description:  True to it's name, the Open Hold is built to look vaguely like the deck of a ship, but without a hull or hold. A pair of kobolds scurry about between the sad looking pair of tables.