Deeprunners Wiki

Symbols:  None

Nicknames:  The Lorekeepers, the Mapmakers, the Run Runners, the Historians, the Oracles

National Background:  Lothari

Public Goals:  The Oracles are a strange lot, that’s for sure.  In some ways they are the most powerful of the Factions, as they and they alone know how to tease the secrets from the Myst. They read the signs and portents, divining when the Abyss will part and the Deep will reveal itself. And what do they do with this knowledge? They share it, with everyone, for free. Sure, it’s so wrapped up in riddle and metaphor as to be practically gibberish, but the other Factions have gotten good at translating their crazy talk into something we can actually use.

Rumors:  They don’t read the Mysts, they control them.  All of them are secretly Myst Scarred. They benefit from the current order somehow, and push us all around to maintain it.

Composition:  Diviners, Rangers, Druids, Clerics.

Personality Archetypes:  The crazed seer, the street preacher, the cloister monk, the zealot.

Deep Runs:  All and none.

Leadership:  Mage cadres with different circles leading.