Deeprunners Wiki

The Facts[]

Symbols: A balanced set of scales.

Nicknames:  The Dreamers, the Captains of Gold, the Merchant Princes, the Vagabond Navy

National Background:  Melzakeen, Togarai, Creet

Public Goals:  It’s simple, really. As a civilization we have two paths we can take.  We can cling to the past, trying to rebuild the world to what it once was, forever living in the shadows of our ancestor’s accomplishments.  And what did those accomplishments get them? The Great War, the Reckoning, nearly the death of us all. By trying to restore the past we do nothing but chain ourselves to the same doomed future they summoned up from the depths for us.  No! Break free of the chains of our foolish ancestors I say! Stride your own path, looking not behind you but to the future! We can all build better lives for ourselves here up in the clouds, masters of our own domain. Masters of our own future!

Rumors:  The Tribald alliance is a loosely aligned conglomerate of thieves guilds, pirates, smugglers, and organized crime.

Composition:  Rogues, Bards, Rangers, Artificers, Fighters.

Personality Archetypes:  Pirate king, mafia boss, half crazed tinker, idealist inventor, debt collector, thrill seeking explorer.

Deep Runs:  Raw materials like ore, gems, timber, earth, and clay.  Elemental creatures. Magic items.

Leadership:  Merchant guilds, some less legal than others.  

Known Parties[]

House Ghasemi[]

Dealers of alcohol, spices, and drugs.