Deeprunners Wiki


Nicknames:  The Creeps, the Grim, the Soul Slavers, the Tomb Robbers, the Lorekeepers (Faction)

National Background: Alkarenil (High Elves), Umar (Humans, Aasimar)

Public Goals:  The Un’kai seek to preserve all that has been lost to us.  You see before you the few dregs of dead civilizations that have risen to the surface, desperately clinging to those hunks of rock that we have salvaged.  There are too few of us left, struggling amongst the filth to survive. So much of what we were, of who we were, has been lost. Only by unlocking the mysteries of the past can we hope to understand the arcanity behind the Reckoning.  To do that, we require the souls of those who came before share both their wisdom and their folly. Only through the perfection of Necromancy can we hope to gain the arcane understanding that we need to defeat the Abyss.

Rumors:  The Creeps hoard arcane magic, not trusting any but their Arun’kai (Arch-Magi) to wield it.  They seek to enslave the minds and souls of every single Topsider, sending us all to die among the Wyrdmyst so that they may bind us as Yar’ai.  Fear the Jai Swordmasters (Blade Singers), for few can match their skill at arms. The Un’kai are the most powerful Faction, and that is why they are the most despised.

Composition: Warlocks, Wizards, Fighters, and Bards.

Personality Archetypes:  Cold Arch-Mage, dust old scholar, elegant bladesinger, festidius servant.

Personality Traits:  Refer to themselves as “we.”

Deep Runs:  The corpse of anyone considered knowledgeable or powerful.  Ancient magic, spell books, runes, tomes, and artifacts.

Leadership:  The Un’kai are a cast system, with class determining status

-Arun’kai (Soulstone wizards)

-Arun (Lich and Vampire Wizards)

-Erdo Lorekeepers (Warlocks w/ Speak with Dead, Bards, Soulstones)

-Kier’dath (Craftspeople)

-Jai Swordmasters (Blade Singers)

-Meido (Fighters and living servants)

-Yar’ai (Sentient zombies)